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My Mission Statement:


Don't be Ted Cruz



When you go to your boss to tell him about a problem, it's best to have a solution or two in mind for that problem. Those folks who just complain about an issue or problem or who like to complain about someone else's "bad" solution to a problem (like Ted) are just annoying and waste our time. I'm certain ole Ted has some ideas in that skull of his but apparently he gets more mileage out of criticizing the ideas of others rather than doing his actual job and finding or creating solutions to the problems that beset our society and attempting to convince others that his ideas have merit. Rarely, he does have a good idea. Too bad he devotes so much of his time to being negative.

In this blog I intend to talk about issues and problems our society has and then discuss possible solutions. They may not always be the best ideas but I'll do my best to have them be creative ideas that I've not heard discussed in other venues. I'll do my best to use actual facts rather than made up facts (lies) and I'll try to be as fair minded as a biased human being can be. In other words, the absolute antithesis of Ted Cruz. Read on at your own risk. If I make your blood boil, at least it won't be because I'm lying.

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In case you've not figured it out already, this is a blog. I'm telling you my opinion. I'm hoping to encourage intelligent dialogue and if I'm really lucky inspire enlightened action towards positive change. I'm doing my best to use real facts not fake ones, so I'm doing better than about fifty percent of the other sources of information out there on just that one point alone. But to make it clear... THIS IS A BLOG WITH OPINIONS. I thought my mission statement at the begining made this clear but my website advisor/ lawyer/ sister advised me to include a disclaimer anyway.


My father told me when I was young, " should figure out a way to get payed for having an opinion son.". I'm still trying.

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