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The disturbing things about the vaccine

Most of us grew up getting various vaccines. Measles, polio, rubella, etc.. Most public schools would not let us attend unless we showed proof of vaccination. I even had to get re vaccinated for one I could not prove I had already gotten when I first enrolled at The University of Texas in Austin. To say vaccines are a common thing in our society now would be a pretty accurate statement, wouldn't you agree? Then why are we so reluctant to get the Covid vaccine? As it turns out, there are many different objections. We'll work our way through the more reasonable objections before moving on to the more outlandish.

The Covid vaccine is only approved as an emergency use vaccine. This basically means the testing process the FDA requires in order to approve it, is incomplete but the apparent benefits in the test subjects, thus far, appear to outweigh any drawbacks or side effects it might cause. As more and more people across the world take the vaccine the data pool (test subjects) is increasing. Most scientists agree the benefit is high, the risk is low. Some might even say the risk is virtually nonexistent. But we've not been able to measure the long term effects of the vaccine. How could we? The vaccine has only existed for less than a year. How could we have tested what effects it might have years from now? The best way to answer this question is to look at what we know about the science for this vaccine and compare it to the facts we have about other vaccines that have been studied for many years.

The basics: the older vaccines introduce a portion of the dead virus or a weakened portion of the live virus into our bodies and our immune system reacts to that portion the same as it would the live virus by creating antibodies, T-cells, etc. to fight it off. Since the virus is dead or weakened, it does not reproduce or reproduces less successfully and while we might have a reaction to the vaccine it is a vastly reduced reaction compared to if our bodies encounter the full strength live virus. That's the official version right? But does that explain why that one time, when you got that flu shot, you got sick as a dog? Way worse than any other time when you actually got the flu. Not sufficiently, for my part. The experts say the body's reaction to the flu shot can mimic flu symptoms but to a vastly reduced effect. These same experts telling us the Covid shot will work the same way does not inspire confidence.

The new mRNA vaccines work differently. With mRNA vaccines the scientists have genetically engineered a sleek new delivery system into which they can load up a genetic set of instructions for our bodies' cells. The mRNA, once injected, enters our cells and directs them to make antigens that then prompts our immune systems to create T-cells and antibodies capable of fighting off the virus in question. No part of the virus, alive or dead, for which the vaccine is administered, is ever injected into our bodies. Only the genetically engineered instruction manual for our bodies' cells. It's not changing our DNA. Think of it like playing a different song on a radio. The song does not change the make up of the stereo system, only what comes out of it.

I know, at this point you are thinking; "Whoa, whoa whoa, you just said genetically engineered!! And then compared it to a song on the radio. I don't think so!". OK, fair point, enough about the science!

You don't want to get bogged down with science and statistics and neither do I, and we could. At this point we could spend hours looking at statistics, comparing endless studies on thousands of various vaccines. Reading about blind study this and placebo that. All So we could try to prove to each other why the vaccines are safe or unsafe.

Instead let's just take a step back from the statistics and science and ask ourselves... are the leading experts across the world, people who have studied this science most of their lives, encouraging all of us to get a shot that will cause harm? Are they so caught up in their desperation to find a cure or preventative that they have lost sight of their oaths to do no harm?

If there was anywhere close to an even split of scientists on either side of this issue I'd be willing to entertain this possibility. But, what we have is maybe one in ten thousand "doctors" or reporters who play at being "experts", who's pasts are easily proven to be biased against vaccines in general, clamoring to contradict what the overwhelming majority of real experts tell us. The vaccine is statistically safe.

Well, that sucks for the one in ten million who reacts negatively to the vaccine and dies! I guess that's better than the two in one hundred who contract Covid and die! Yes I will throw those statistics out there for you to ponder: two out of one hundred unvaccinated people in the US, who get Covid, die from it! Compare that to .0152 out of one hundred, in the US, who die from the flu and pneumonia symptoms combined. How many have died from taking the Covid vaccine? Tucker will tell you every person who died after getting the vaccine totals over five thousand and counting. But considering that number falls within the normal rate of death in the US for average regular folks just for drawing breath, I'd say he's deceiving you. To be more clear, if my point is not already crystal, telling you how many people died after they just happened to get the vaccine without establishing any causal relationship or without comparing that rate of death to the normal rate of death is dishonest, manipulative and while maybe, just barely, not being an outright lie, is certainly akin to it. Yes there may be cases of people dying because of the Covid vaccine. Compared to your chances of contracting Covid and dying from it, that chance is statistically nonexistent.

Do you still need more information before deciding to get the vaccine? How often are you educating yourself on the new data which is available on a daily basis? How many millions of people need to get the vaccine before enough of them have served as your guinea pigs? Are you certain you are not using your claim to need more information as a shield you hide behind because you just don't want to get the damned shot? Do you realize by not getting the shot your are reserving your body as an available space for the Covid virus to conduct further research which could enable it to become even more contagious and deadly? Do you realize that the longer the virus is here with us the more likely it will evolve into a version that will render our vaccines useless?

Covid schmovid! Why is everybody making such a big deal out of this stupid virus! It's no different than a glorified flu virus!

What if you are right? For the sake of argument, let's assume you are. Everybody else has dramatically overreacted to Covid. In that case how likely is it that you or anyone else who agrees with you will convince all of the "over reactors" that the sky is not falling? Will you convince them to stop testing for the virus because "it doesn't matter who gets it anyway"? Surely they are sick of all of the restrictions on liberty and individual freedom too! "If I hear one more story in the news about somebody being forced to wear a mask on an airplane I might just shoot my television!". Will you wave your magic wand and convince all of these fools of how foolish they are being? You can't? Why not? Oh, they are just as stubborn as you are!?

This Covid fiasco is not about who is wrong or who is right! It's about us all being able to live our normal(ish) lives together again. How can we do that in the fastest most convenient way possible? I submit the answer to that question has already been suggested... get the damned shot! If the shot won't hurt you and it will get the fools to stop inconveniencing us all, why not just get it over with so we can all move on?

I'm not going to allow the government or a bunch of libtards to tell me what to do with my own damned body and I'm not altogether certain there's no tracking device in that shot. Wear a tin foil hat much? Have evidence that the moon landing was staged? Proof that leading democrats drink the blood of children? No? Well you might want to take a look at the folks standing next to you talking about their right to not be forced to be treated with a life saving inoculation. Is that really who you want to associate with? The government and the libtards are not demanding, they are begging you to please help out your fellow human beings by helping us all eliminate a virus. If an alien race were attacking earth, killing millions of humans and you could help win the fight and all you had to do was get a shot in the arm that would make you immune to the laser rifles the aliens were using but there might be some minor temporary side effects, would you get the shot? Would it help you to know that it actually is an alien attack? It's just viruses and not laser rifles they are using. Ok no, it's not actually aliens, but if you are willing to believe there is a tracking device in a Covid shot I think Orson has a bridge to sell you.

Please stop being foolish or stubborn or willfully ignorant of the actual facts or just plain paranoid and get the damned shot so we can all get back to normal.

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