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The new CDC mask guidlines said what!?

If the reason those of us who are vaccinated need to re mask is because we can pass the delta variant along to others due to the the high amount of virus present in break through cases, that would mean that the virus is present in a large enough capacity that it can reproduce and mutate in anyone, regardless if they are vaccinated or not.

That means the only reason left, to get vaccinated is solely to avoid severe illness and death. Getting the vaccine to avoid transferring COVID to others is no longer a valid reason to get it.

Instead, the CDC wants us all to wear masks again, to protect those who have not gotten the vaccine. Granted there are many who cannot get vaccinated but those who cannot, ought to be being careful or are young enough that in most cases, COVID symptoms are mild to nonexistent. So in actuality, the CDC wants us all to mask up to protect those who have chosen not to get vaccinated. Those are uncoincidentally the same jerks who refuse to wear masks for the common good.

Let's be clear... we, the vaccinated, who have done our part to contribute to the common good of our society are now expected to mask up in order to protect the very same assholes who have been completely unwilling to lift a finger to help themselves or our society while claiming umbrage at the request of society that they make a minor sacrifice and forgo an insignificant portion of their liberty to help others.

Well, I'm afraid my answer is that they can go sit and spin. I wish I was a better person than that but I'm fed up. Let them face the reality of their own foolish choices. It may very well be the only reality they'll come into contact with right up until they breathe their last regretful gasp of air because they wouldn't get the damned shot and couldn't be bothered to wear a mask in enclosed areas.

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