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What Biden should have said... Thank You America

Thank you America. Thank you for saving democracy in The US. yesterday. Thank you for almost universally voting against election denial-ism candidates. Thank you for not giving those who had vowed to cheat us in future elections, by not fairly counting and certifying our votes, an opportunity to abuse the office for which they were running.

Clearly there are many issues troubling us at this time. Inflation and crime are too high. Our nation seems so divided by those falling all over themselves trying to take away other people's rights. Abortion, guns, school security, what our children are taught in schools when not dodging bullets, who should pay more taxes and who should pay less. So many things. So many more than I have listed. But yesterday we all came together and in one united voice we said as one... ENOUGH! Enough division, enough peeling away at the fundamental foundation of our democratic society! Our elections are sacrosanct and without them being conducted fairly, without discord, we cannot solve ALL of those other problems.

It's time for us to move past this fringe element that has tried to derail our democracy and push it back to the fringe where it belongs. And that's exactly what you all started yesterday! Let this be a lesson to all who would seek power through fear and division by subverting our faith in our votes and our elections. If you politic in election denial-ism you will fail. You will be pushed aside. We the American people will see you for what your are and will force you back. Thank you America, for seeing the truth and having the guts to put aside your disagreements with me and each other in order to address this fundamental thing!

Whatever he said after that would not really matter.

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