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What can we do?

This election there are many issues the talking heads keep telling us to be concerned about. Abortion rights, the economy, inflation, gun control, global warming and many others. Sometimes it's just overwhelming, trying to figure out which thing to worry about or which cause to throw your effort behind. There are so many points of view, many of them valid. Some of them bat shit crazy. It can be difficult to even know what the truth is. We see candidates on both sides lying in such bold faced outright easily disproved ways it boggles the mind. Then, to see our fellow citizens lap up those lies so willingly when just the smallest amount of effort would unequivocally prove them to be falsehoods, causes us to doubt our own sanity. It's maddening! What can we do?

Triage. We need to determine those issues that are the most important and focus our attention there. I submit, saving our democracy is at the top of the list. Without a democracy does it matter if you have a choice about your body? That can easily be taken away if you have no voice. Does it matter how high or low inflation is if, when the decision is made regarding who benefits from the higher prices and who pays them, your opinion is ignored? Gun control? One small group of which you are not a member making decisions about you, your life, your job, your health care, who we shall be as Americans going into the future? Our democracy insures that we will not have an overlord, monarch or demagogue making all of our decisions for us, sending us into unjust wars, unilaterally deciding to lock us in "disease quarantine facilities", forcing us to adhere to unjust, unpopular morality policing. When we choose "strong man" political demagogues over fair minded candidates dedicated to true democracy we need only look to other countries like Russia, China and Iran to see where that leads. A person extolling the virtues of Putin to you should be a great "heads up" that you might be listening to the wrong person.

We are on the brink of losing our democracy to those who claim to "know better than us". To cheat us "for our own good". They have passed laws making it harder for us to vote claiming it's for voter security. To eliminate voter fraud that did not exist, they are creating voter fraud. They are running candidates who have sworn to eliminate votes of those with whom they do not agree. To insure that the minority of zealot cheaters win the majority by outlawing enough votes to keep themselves in power. It seems those screaming their attestations to patriotism and dedication to democracy the loudest are unaware of the definitions of those words.

Let us not delude ourselves. If we do not stop this antidemocratic movement sweeping in from the right we will be set backwards for many years to come. The candidates that will take over will insure your voice is quieted. They will have control of the volume switch that regulates your screams of misery at the unfairness. We must defeat this red wave of apartheid- like tendency. Vote it down and keep voting it down until those peddling it are forced back into the fringe of our society. VOTE! Vote like your life depends upon it! Vote like your country depends on it! Vote like the future depends on it!

After we have saved our democracy, then we can talk about who's fiscal or tax policy or bullshit politics ought to be implemented. We have a more fundamental and potentially disastrous issue to deal with first.

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