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Why the anti abortion movement, while having a flawed justification, is inherently unAmerican.

I understand the desire to defend those who cannot defend themselves. I understand that ending a life is killing and if that life is human that is murder. We all understand that. You're not revealing some hidden mystical truth to anyone by explaining these facts to anybody. Undoubtedly, God would rather we not choose to have an abortion for these reasons. This is also not a "remove the veil from our eyes" secret. Almost all of us are pro life when it comes to human beings in general. This is why what you've chosen to call your movement is so offensive, it totally ignores the entire point of our conflict. There are other factors to consider besides the small collection of opinions you try and limit this debate to. I intend to identify one in particular that proves to you why your anti choice agenda is unAmerican even though, I acknowledge, it has no chance of changing your mind on the issue. At the very least you might be willing to admit your hypocrisy and if you are willing to do that, there's hope that you might finally begin to understand why a majority of Americans disagree with you.

We should all be able to agree that those who initially moved to the Americas from Europe did so primarily to establish a society with different religious beliefs and norms than where they came from. Mostly it was about a harsher more extreme version of Christianity and the requirement that all members of society participate in that strict adherence to conservative doctrine. As more and more colonists came to the Americas this movement evolved into a belief that all people should not be persecuted for their religious beliefs. When our country, The United States, came into being, freedom of religion was a core principle incorporated into the laws of our land, specifically mentioned in our Constitution and designed into our government. Our modern interpretation of this concept, freedom of religion, also includes freedom from religion. The separation of church and state is a fundamental principle of our government, despite the many and repeated efforts of those who would have it otherwise. Nobody wants another person or group of people telling us what our religious beliefs ought to be or need to be and the idea of forcing a Christian to become Jewish or force a Muslim to worship Buddha, is as ridiculous as it is unAmerican. Yet, there are those who persist. Those who cannot differentiate between what they think everyone else's opinion ought to be and what laws ought to apply to everyone.

Let's move on to the science, or lack thereof, for a moment. Abortion ends a heartbeat. That's pretty much where the science ends. Is a six week old embryo a full fledged human being? Certainly the potential for that to happen exists. A one month old fetus? When does the soul enter the body? If it's at conception then do the egg and sperm house half souls beforehand? Why at conception? Why not at birth? A newly formed embryo is a less complex life form than a fully grown fish. Do fish have souls? Do you see the problem here yet or do I need to keep asking unanswerable questions? Your "definitive" answers to the above questions are YOUR OPINIONS based upon YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS and you are entitled to keep them. So long as you do not try and force them upon me or everyone else, we have no conflict. Science has not answered these questions sufficiently for you to create rules based upon science to enforce upon society.

You are creating laws and policy to govern us all based upon your religious beliefs. That is the same as forcing your religious beliefs on all others. We do this only in circumstances where the rules of religion and science align, like it's illegal to murder a person who has been born or has the ability to survive independently from the womb. What is less American than forcing another to subscribe and act according to your religious beliefs despite what theirs might be? Who the hell nominated you to act as God to enforce your beliefs upon me and all the rest of us? Guess what? You're not God. I can prove it. Where you would not, God gives us a choice.

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