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Texas got it wrong yet again

That's it, I'm sick of liberals belly aching about being victimized by this group or that! It's about time they started using the same tactics as the republitards. Fight fire with fire. Dose of their own medicine. Wear a friggin brown shirt and throw some mud of your own dammit!

The control freak, republitard, leave my rights alone but we are going to do our best to take yours away, anti choice movement is at it again in Texas. More accurately, they are still at it and more successfully than ever. We have a new spiffin "take away your rights law" here in Texas, yeeehaaw! Diabolical in design. The plan is to sue anyone who helps a woman get an abortion into oblivion. The law grants standing to anyone. Normally one needs to have standing or as we put it here in the land of backwards (AKA Texas) one needs to have “a horse in the race” in order to be able to sue. We aren't supposed to be able to sue somebody “just cuz” what they are doing over there pisses us off even though it has no effect on us. Well here in Texas, it's now perfectly legal to spy, sneak and ferret out information about complete strangers' medical and reproductive decisions and procedures and if you don't approve, sue their ass and anyone that was even slightly involved in the process. And when you win, they must pay your legal fees and your ten thousand dollar reward for being a big nosed, control freak, who feels entitled to make private and personal medical choices for everybody else.

Whatever should we do? Watch helplessly as other republitard states pass the same type of laws? Wait for the Supreme Court to overrule the law? I have a better idea!

But let's address what should be the obvious remedy first. The Supreme Court ought to overturn this law just on standing reasons alone but we cannot depend upon 6 conservative anti choice justices to rule in favor of anything that would allow abortions to continue unhindered. Unless we do not give them a choice but to uphold common sense standards of standing.

I submit, a law, passed in a liberal state like CA, intentionally designed to employ the same diabolical standing abuse, would force the US Supreme Court to rule against all such standing endowment laws throughout the land. For example: a law that allowed anyone to sue anybody for not wearing a mask in public because they are endangering the community as a whole. See somebody on television not wearing a mask at a bar? Sue them! Make the unmasked bandit pay a ten thousand dollar fine and the legal fees for the case and that case will find itself being reviewed in the appellate courts in no time!

Nothing seems to do the trick for showing someone what they are doing is wrong like having the same thing done right back to them and then having their nose rubbed in it. And damn does it feel good doing it! Come on America, Texas needs to be set straight yet again. Need some help here please.

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